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Combinations! is a combinations generator, ideal for lotto players, but suitable for anyone who needs a program which can generate combinations of a given set of numbers, letters or a mixture of numbers and letters (called "items"). Enter up to 56 different items and have Combinations! produce all 2,3,4... to 10-item combinations of the items you entered in a flash. Alternatively, you can have Combinations! generate a complete set of 2,3,4... to 10-number combinations from up to 99 numbers (eg. all 7-number combinations from 49 numbers). Combinations! can then create a sub-set of the generated combinations at the click of a button (helps lotto players create a manageable set of numbers to play). Generated combinations and sub-sets can be printed or exported to a tab-delimited text file.

Combinations! features:

  • Quickly generates combinations from a given set of up to fifty-six different numbers, letters or a mix of numbers and letters
  • Can produce all x-number combinations from y numbers (eg: all 7-number combinations from 99 numbers).
  • Prints generated number combinations and can export them to a tab-delimited text file (easily opened in spreadsheet, word processing or database programs).
  • Easily creates sub-sets of generated combinations, starting at any point in the list.
  • Can create sub-sets based on the sum value of each combination.
  • Has a built-in print preview window.

Windows system requirements:

  • A 486 or Pentium-class processor
  • 8 Mb RAM minimum
  • A hard disk drive with at least 4 Mb of free space
  • Windows 3.x, 9x, 2000 or NT
  • To print, you will need any printer with the relevant Windows print driver installed

Mac system requirements:

  • 68030 or 68040 processor (68K version) or PowerPC processor (PPC version)
  • 8 Mb RAM minimum (68K version), 16 Mb RAM minimum (PPC version)
  • A hard disk drive with at least 4 Mb of free space
  • System 7.1 or greater
  • To print, you will need any printer with the relevant Mac print driver installed

    NOTE: Current Mac version is 1.0 and does not yet include all the features of version 2.0

Download Combinations!:

Click the "Download" button or the text link to download the version for your system. All versions are limited to 20 uses and a maximum of 10 items to combine until registered:

Windows Version with setup.exe:
Windows Download
Combinations! for Win 3.x, 9x, 2000 or NT - V.2.0 with setup.exe (1848k)

Windows Version without setup.exe - just unzip:
Windows Download
Combinations! for Win 3.x, 9x, 2000 or NT - V.2.0 without setup.exe (1228k)

Mac 68K Version:
Windows Download
Combinations! for 68K Macintosh - V.1.0 (2340k)

Mac PPC Version:
Windows Download
Combinations! for PPC Macintosh - V.1.0 (2690k)

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