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"I would like to say I have been very impressed with the results I am having with your program, so far I have won about $200.00 with it. I have tried some of the other programs out there for the Mac and PC and yours is by far the best one. So please keep up the good work. Also just for the record your Lotto Tracker picked all six numbers in the Hoosier Lottery about four weeks ago. I wish I would have played those numbers that night." - William Ulmer, USA

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About Lotto Tracker II

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Lottos WindowLotto Tracker II (LTII) is a program for Macintosh and Windows computers that uses past Lotto result statistics to propose likely future winning lotto numbers.

But it does a lot more than just propose numbers. Enter some results from your favorite game and watch as LTII immediately computes a number of helpful statistics. Click on a column heading and the statistics are instantly resorted on that column. Go from draw to draw and see the figures change. Want to see all the draws where a given number was in the winning combination? Easy... double-click the number in the list of statistics and presto, instant details appear in a window, showing the draw numbers, dates and the winning numbers. They say "a picture's worth a thousand words"... click on the Graph button and view the statistics graphically. Manipulate the graph using the same features available for viewing statistics so that you can easily spot win patterns. Statistics and graphs can be sorted in ascending or descending sequence by number, wins, last draw number, last draw day, month and year.

LTII can suggest numbers that are likely to appear in future draws, and then automatically check its suggestions against the actual result. Type in a list of number combinations and have LTII check it against any draw or range of draws you specify. Enter a series of ball numbers and watch as LTII produces all possible combinations of those numbers, with the ability to reduce the results to a manageable set at the click of a button (version 1.8 and greater). It creates its own "quick picks" (randomly generated number combinations) and can even produce number combinations based on the names of people and things.

Statistics WindowThe unique Prorated feature lets you track results for games where some of the lotto numbers were introduced at different draws. For example, the Texas Lotto lotto was a 50-number game but was subsequently changed to 54 numbers. Using the prorated option, statistics are produced as if all 54 numbers applied to all draws in your recorded results.

LTII lets you keep track up to 300 different lottos at the same time. It handles lottos with just about any combination of numbers, from 5/20 to 10/99 and everything in between. Although it ships with the results of over 90 lotto games pre-entered, you're not limited to these - it can be used for almost any game. Results can be imported from several different file formats, or can be keyed in directly. Statistics and results can be exported to other file formats, and several reports can be produced, with a page preview option that lets you see the reports on screen instead of having to print them.

Graph Window

Lotto Tracker II's main features:

Suggestions Window

  • Tracks up to 300 lottos , each having just about any combination of numbers (eg. 6/36, 9/49, etc.).
  • Uses past results and probability logic to propose likely future winning numbers.
  • Includes a unique Prorated option so statistics get real meaning for all the lotto numbers, regardless of which draw they were introduced.
  • Imports and exports results from and to several file formats - can also export statistics.
  • Flexible statistics display quickly summarizes results in several useful ways.
  • Automatically checks the numbers it proposes once the result has been recorded.
  • Can check any number you key in against any recorded result - lets you save lists of numbers which can be batch checked against any draw or series of draws.
  • Allows you to either manually or automatically enter a series of numbers and then have LTII produce a list of all combinations of those numbers. It can then reduce these combinations to a smaller sub-set for you to play (version 1.8 and greater).
  • Includes a "Check Suggestions" feature. Using this feature, LTII can batch check its suggestions against the actual winning numbers for a series of draws, starting draw numbers and other criteria.
  • Creates bar graphs of the winning numbers of any draw so you can quickly spot win trends.
  • Generates random quick pick numbers.
  • Can produce number combinations based on the names of people and things.
  • Lets you have an influence on numbers it proposes by telling it how you believe numbers repeat.
  • Several reports, all viewable on screen.
  • Ships with results of dozens of popular lotto games - at no extra cost. If your favorite one is missing, check the LTI Results Databases page or ask for it - for FREE!
  • Runs on Mac OS and Windows computers - separate 680x0 and PowerPC versions available for Mac OS.
  • Year 2000 (Y2K) compliant.

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