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Windows Version History

(these include incremental Mac-only updates. Win version 1.8 is equivalent to Mac version 1.8.1):

New in Version 1.8:

  • Added a valuable and powerful new Combinations feature which allows you to either manually or automatically enter a series of numbers and then have LTII produce a list of all combinations of those numbers. It can then reduce these combinations to a smaller sub-set for you to play.
  • Minor bug fixes.

 New in Version 1.7.1:

  • Fixed a bug introduced in Version 1.7.0 where the columns in the statistics list (in the statistics window) did not line up correctly and the year did not display.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in Version 1.7.0 where clicking on the column headings for the month and year in the statistics list (in the statistics window) did not work correctly.

New in Version 1.7.0:

  • Larger Lottos window which now displays each game's first draw number and date from the recorded results.
  • A new twice-weekly draw frequency.
  • From and to draw dates now immediately update when the from and to draw numbers are changed (once you tab or click out of the field).
  • A new "Auto Y2K dates" option which allows dates to be entered using just the last two digits of the year yet correctly distinguishes between the centurys, based on a user-set "pivot" year.
  • On first-time launch the Preferences window is displayed for users to set their initial preferences.
  • A "Delete All" button has been added to the Check Numbers window to allow quick clearing of your number list.
  • LTII Web Page Text File import has been added to provide easier importing of files downloaded from the LTII database download web page at <>.
  • You can now specify the date format of the file you're importing results from, eliminating the need to change the date format in the Preferences window when importing.
  • A new preference option to enable/disable the "take a long time" message when checking suggestions.
  • A new quick pick algorithm which speeds up the generation of quick pick numbers.
  • Added a maintenance feature where the program automatically fixes disassociated or missing index files. Aside from a reindexing message, this is transparent to the user.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements to the results import feature.
  • Extensive updates to the results database. Most games are updated to within the last couple of weeks of the release date of May 15th, 2000.

New in Version 1.6.2:

  • Fixed a problem introduced in version 1.6 where generation of number suggestions took much longer than necessary. This also adversly affected suggestion checking. These now both perform much faster.

New in Version 1.6.1:

  • Fixed a problem where a "Divide by Zero or Overflow Error" message occurs during the startup of LTII. You can encounter this error when you start LTII for Windows on a "fast computer", that is, a computer that has a processor with a clock speed higher than 300 MHz or so.

New in Version 1.6:

  • A brand-new "Check Numbers" feature which lets you maintain a list of number combinations which you can check against any draw or range of draws.
  • A new "Quick Pick" algorithm which fixes a bug that only generated numbers up to 49 for games with more than 49 numbers.
  • Results import now allows you to specify an increment value from 1 to 9 for generation of draw numbers. Helpful for some games which draw twice weekly where you are only importing the results for one of the draw days.
  • The Results window now includes a "Sum" column which shows the sum of the numbers of each draw.
  • The Lottos window now includes a column showing draw frequency (as a single-character code).
  • When checking suggestions you can now optionally disable display of the progress bar for a slight speed improvement.
  • The program serial number and version now display and print on the Registration Info window and report.
  • The type of game (6/36, 7/49, etc.) is now displayed after the lotto's name in the title bar of several windows.
  • Program now ships with the results of over 70 games, many of them up-to-date.

New in Version 1.5D:

  • The total number of possible combinations is displayed in the New/Edit Lotto window.
  • Miscellaneous minor changes.
  • The price of LTII has been changed from US$40.00 to US$25.00.

New in Version 1.5C:

  • Miscellaneous minor changes.

New in Version 1.5B:

  • The "Import Results" feature is now available for unregistered versions.
  • The graph now available if the number range for a lotto is greater than 75.
  • Now ships with results for even more lottos.
  • Other miscellaneous minor bug fixes and improvements.

New in Version 1.5:

  • The Lottos window now indicates with an asterisk (*) those lottos which can use the "prorated" feature.
  • Selecting a "proratable" lotto now automatically checks the "Prorated" check box (LTII now assumes you want to take advantage of this feature by default).
  • The Statistics, Graph and Number Suggestions windows now allow selection of a starting draw number for generating statistics. This allows you to control how far back LTII should go when compiling statistics and therefore vastly increases the number of possible suggestions that can be produced for a given draw.
  • In addition to the draw numbers from and to, The Statistics, Graph and Number Suggestions window now display the date range for which the statistics have been compiled.
  • The Statistics window now displays the winning number of the last draw number specified in the "Draw to" field.
  • The About window now displays the LTII web address and contact e-mail address.
  • The prorated feature now does "intelligent" prorating, based on the starting draw entered, ie. it will not attempt to prorate if all the lotto numbers were active for the draw range selected.
  • A new "Check Suggestions" feature has been added. Using this feature, LTII can batch check its suggestions against the actual winning numbers for a series of draws, starting draw numbers and other criteria.
  • "Suggestion Performance", the results of checking suggestions, can be printed or can be exported to any of several file types.
  • The Number Suggestions window now displays the phrase "Next Draw" instead of bad date for lottos defined with a frequency of Other when it cannot determine the next draw date.
  • The "Order Form" button on the Registration Reminder window has been replaced by a "Registration Info" button which displays printable information on how to register.
  • When run for the first time, LTII will no longer ask for a data folder as long as it can find a folder named "Data" in the LTII folder.
  • Fixed a bug where "position is off the screen" error message occurred when checking the prorated check box in the Graph window for certain combinations of starting draws (in the New/Edit Lotto window) with a value greater than one.
  • Other miscellaneous minor bug fixes and improvements.

Notes from previous versions:

  • The Graph, Number Suggestions and Check Numbers buttons are dimmed if no results exist.
  • The lowest number for a lotto doesn't have to be 1. I don't know whether there are any lottos that require this, but I put it in anyway.
  • The "Draw Frequency" (daily, weekly, etc.) pop-up on the New/Edit Lotto window is only used for computing the next draw date when entering new results and for generating draw dates when importing results which have no draw dates.
  • The menu bar is almost always available. Have a look at its options for each window - different menu options are often enabled/disabled and the Activities menu changes for each window.
  • Double-clicking a line from the scrollable list of stats in the Statistics window displays the results for all the draws which comprise the information on that line.
  • The red bars in the graph indicate the winning numbers for the last draw displayed.
  • Clicking on the column titles in the Statistics window changes the sort order.
  • The Preferences window provides options for suggesting numbers, displaying and printing reports and for setting the date format.
  • The Suggestions window initially computes numbers based on a fixed internal algorithm referred to as Lotto Tracker II's Best Bet. This appears as a pop-up menu in the top right of the Suggestions window ("LTII's Best Bet"). This pop-up also has options for the four possible combinations of the two radio buttons available in the Preferences window ("Suggesting numbers" preferences). This allows you to have LTII quickly recompute suggested numbers based on these options without having to go to the Preferences window. Making a choice here automatically changes the choices in the Preferences window to match. (The reverse is not true).
  • In the Suggestions window, black numbers are the numbers proposed by LTII based on the first five options in the pop-up, green numbers are randomly-generated "Quick Picks". The last row is always a quick pick if no result exists for the displayed draw. Whenever the draw number is changed to a draw for which a result exists, the black suggested numbers which match any of the winning numbers are redisplayed in red and the last row shows the actual winning numbers for that draw in magenta.
  • Clicking on the LTII logo on any window displays the About screen.

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