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As a teenager all I wanted to do was race cars. Inevitably, I ended up doing so for several years, driving anything I could get my hands on, from British Ford Escorts to "Formula Caribbean" single-seaters and karts. Over the years, I drove racing cars in Trinidad, Guyana and Jamaica, rallied in Trinidad and Barbados and raced karts in Trinidad, Suriname, Curacao, Barbados and at the International Karting Federation's 1984 Grandnationals in Quincy, Illinois, USA. (where I ended up rolling the kart and breaking a collar bone!).

Here are a few shots fom those carefree days when the sound of a racing engine and the smell of racing oil and fuel got the adrenaline going like nothing before or since!


MolySlip Escort

Driving the MolySlip Escort in the wet - my favorite weather for racing!

Mike Chan

Conversing with Mike Chan, my long-time karting rival, just before the start of a single-seater event at the Wallerfield circuit, Trinidad. The car is a March 73B.

At Speed

At speed in the March., Wallerfield, Trinidad.


My trophy collection as at December, 1977. I could tell a lot of stories about the road to winning each one of these!



My Coyote Bullet at Wallerfield, Trinidad.

3 Karts

Mike Chan, myself and Desmond Wing Quan - way ahead of the bunch, International karting in Chaguaramas, Trinidad.

Line Up

The Trinidad Karting Club team at the 1983 Curacao Grand Prix. I'm the short one just to the right of the Trinidad & Tobago flag.


The start of a heat at the Curacao GP. I'm on pole in number 17 (left) with my good friend and team-mate David Cuthbert next to me on the front row.


With wife Debbie and son Kyle after winning the Lightweight class at the 1983 Curacao karting Grand Prix.


June 7th, 1998 - I just couldn't say no. Borrowed an old kart and entered the first round of the T&T Toyoya Karting Grand Prix three-meet series. Was running well in my last event (second place at the time) when I pushed it a bit over the edge and oversteered into a concrete curb two laps from the end. I'm now nursing a fractured rib for my efforts... ouch!

February 2000 - Looks like I'll be racing cars again this year in a new one-model series. The cars are almost-standard Nissan Sentras… sixteen of them - should be fun! There will be 12 races in the series, the first in late-March. Now lets see… last time I raced a car was eighteen to twenty years ago. Hmmm.

Will keep you posted :-)

April 2000 - Well I've set up a separate web site to track the one-model series mentioned above. Its called the "Carib Beer Stock Car Series 2000". Check it out.

November 2000 - I've managed to win the inaugral Carib Stock Car Series, but just barely.

November 2001 - Well I've somehow been able to do it again - I'm the Carib Stock Car Series 2001 Champion for the second season in succession.

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